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Welcome New Ascended Heroes!

Please, if you have not already done so, register for the forums and update your character(s). 

  Remember, we are here to have fun, enjoy time with friends and friends to be, and to remain true to the AH ethos - a family guild with a big heart, lots of laughs and a never say never attitude.

Ascended Heroes and Officers


Mythical Guild!

Tumma Lilledrum, Feb 11, 15 7:08 AM.
It has been a while since something was posted on our front page, but yesterday we dinged 100!
Now we may call ourselves "a mythical guild". We are few, but we are still there and even raiding with our allies and friends from Myth. So there...we ARE mythical.

May the journey continue...


Grats on Raid Progress & Levels

Tumma Lilledrum, Mar 2, 13 6:36 AM.
Gratsies for:
Fleshgordon 95 jeweler
Destree 95 Illusionist
Moophasa 95 Weaponsmith
Icepeep 320 AA's
Icepeep 95 mystic
Mixar 95 fury
Lythium 320 AA's

Killing a nasty golem, we are getting better at this

Grats on 95 and Happy New Year!

Tumma Lilledrum, Jan 3, 13 4:01 PM.
Better late (guildportal was down) than never;

And grats to:
Mixar lvl 95 Fury
Miaule lvl 95 Tailor
Mizar 320 AA points
Lytheum lvl 95 Coercer
Coburg lvl 95 Assassin
Deekay lvl 95 Defiler
Nutha lvl 95 Sage
Kayoh lvl 95 Bruiser
Tumma lvl 95 Provisioner
Abraxas lvl 95 Tailor
Dalicu lvl 95 Provisioner
Blaide lvl 95 Assassin
Yshbel lvl 95 Carpenter
Mhina lvl 95 Dirge
Stendum 320 AA points
Uwen lvl 95 Ranger and Woodworker
Fleshgordon lvl 95 Guardian
Chei lvl 95 Warden
Optokoppler lvl 95 Alchemist

And Ysabella, Kayoh, Mixar, Sinzing and Fleshgordon for getting their mythical

And finally, Blaide with the honor of becoming our new guild leader.


Tumma Lilledrum, Nov 9, 12 1:45 PM.
Grats to:
Ejboll level 92 Weaponsmith
Nixie level 92 Sage
and big grats to Cheila for finishing Beastlord epic!

Uh oh! Here it comes!

Grats update

Tumma Lilledrum, Sep 27, 12 7:24 AM.
Grats to:
Fleshgordon lvl 92 jeweler
Indelchos for 320 AA's
Gibaar lvl 92 wizard
Yshbel lvl 92 carpenter
Lirion lvl 92 carpenter
Indelchos lvl 92 inquisitor

Qeynos renewed!

Go Raiders!

Tumma Lilledrum, Jul 19, 12 3:43 PM.
Look at us go! Almost a full raid. Not many guilds are that lucky atm :)
Also we keep getting new members flocking into our halls; warm welcome to Octokopler and Yshbel.

Grats to:
Ehlanajahn 92 Armorer
Chei 92 Sage


Tumma Lilledrum, Jun 29, 12 5:06 PM.
Enjoy the summertime! And to all of you who is making or planning a holiday trip; have a good one!

Welcome to our newest members Taynt and Rosrucerp (who is not Precursor)
Leihla 92 Provisioner
Nutha 92 Sage
Icepeep 92 Mystic
Nosset 92 Woodworker


End of double xp fun

Tumma Lilledrum, May 29, 12 3:48 PM.
I did not count them, but last weekend the guild must have clocked several hundreds of new AA's. Grats to all!

Warm welcome to our new members Pollij and Appelflap!
More grats to:
Beastygirl 92 Weaponsmith
Appelflap 320 AA's
Miaule 92 Tailor
Naurak 92 Guardian
Daurez 92 Swashbuckler
Fleshgordon 92 Guardian
Glimmsterviryan 92 jeweler
Liandra 92 Conjuror
Singinggirl 92 Provisioner

Double xp mayhem in Sebilis
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